A Niche Site Idea

Happy St. Patrick’s day! Luck O’ The Irish To You.

One of my daily rounds on the Internet is Google Trends. The application shows you the days top 100 searched on terms. This is a great place to get Niche ideas.

Over the last week I’ve noticed the number of “Irish” searches on the rise, with today being the crescendo.

Here’s a sample of things Irish people are searching for to make their St Patrick’s Day complete:

corned beef and cabbage recipe
st patrick s day drinks
guinness beer
reuben sandwich
where was st. patrick born
pressure cooker corned beef
corned beef
how to cook cabbage
green beer
shamrock shake
leprechaun jokes
listen to irish music online
irish beer
irish whiskey
darby o gill and the little people
sherlocks san antonio
jameson whiskey
leprechaun movie
blarney stone
blood pudding
are leprechauns real
st. patrick s day
shamrock seeds
crock pot corned beef
shamrock fest
pressure cooker corned beef
chicago st patrick s day parade
irish car bomb
irish drinks
This made me stop and think….

While it might only make money once a year – wouldn’t it be a real traffic magnet to create an “all things Irish” site?

It’s something to think about. You’ll have a year to put it together.