A Word Of Caution About Signature Lines

One of our group of Amazon/eBay sellers just recently ran into a spot of trouble with Amazon – without intending to. I wanted to pass this information along because many of us have clickable email signature lines. (You know those lines at the end of the email with a link back to our store – see mine below).

Amazon is very clear that they do NOT want you to direct traffic away from the site. However, they do want you to update your buyer each step of the way through the process of shipping.

Our unlucky seller, was doing just that. She uses endicia.com to create the shipping label and to automatically create the ‘item shipped’ email. The problem was (as far as Amazon was concerned) is that the seller had a clickable link directing off Amazon to her ‘Everywhere I Sell’ listing, which includes links not only to her Amazon store, but to Bonanzle, eBay, etc.

The bottom line is; be sure that you are not sending traffic away from Amazon.com when you communicate with them. Amazon doesn’t even want you to put a flyer (other than the packing slip) in the box when you ship items.