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A Dozen Low Cost or No Cost Ways To Sell Your Book – Part 3

8 Send Out Press Releases

Send press releases to local and community papers. Offer to do interviews. These papers are usually looking for content and are more than happy to talk with local authors. Be sure to follow up your press release with phone calls. Don’t wait for them to contact you.

9 Add A Virtual Press Kit to Your Blog

Be sure to have a media kit ready and available on your blog. Most interviewers want

  • A photo of the author
  • A short bio of the author
  • A description/short synopsis of the book
  • A picture of the book jacket

In short — do lots of the work for the interviewer. If they can just copy and paste, they will be more likely to write about your book.

10 Arrange Readings at Local Bookstores, Libraries, and Interest Groups

Most local bookstores are happy to promote local authors. Approach the managers with offers of readings. Do not try to get them to stock lots of copies of your book as a condition for, or prior to, the reading. Bring the books with you and offer the bookstore the usual 50% discount on any books sold.

They bring the audience, you do all the work and bear the expense. Don’t expect them to do all the publicity, either. Send out press releases to local newspapers, post to your blog, add reading info to web site calendars, etc.

11 Join Groups That Discuss the Topic of Your Book

Yahoo hosts thousands of very active and dedicated mailing lists and discussion groups. Join one that is built around the topic of your book and participate. Don’t just try to sell — this will damage your reputation. These groups are communities. You need to add real content when you post. Promote your book by adding its title and the URL of you blog to your signature. As you develop a reputation as an interesting person with something to say, people will naturally check out your book. This is a great way to build word of mouth enthusiasm.

12 Use VistPrint to Create Post Cards

VistaPrint is an inexpensive way to create professional, full color postcards that can be used to promote your book. They frequently offer 100 postcards for free — you pay only shipping and handling costs (usually around $5.00)

You can customize both the fronts and backs of these postcards to sell your book. Leave them with groups likely to be interested in your book or send them through the mail. Be sure to include ordering information on the post cards!

A Dozen Low Cost or No Cost Ways To Sell Your Book – Part 2

This Is Part 2 of a 3 Part Series.

4 Use Audio & Video to Entice Readers & Buyers

Add videos of you reading short passages from your book to your blog. Host the videos on YouTube. This will

1. Add interest 2. Increase your audience 3. Harness YouTube’s power to drive traffic to your blog for more sales

5 Do A Virtual Book Tour

You don’t need to have the time, energy, or resources to travel the country promoting your book. Take advantage of technology! Do readings, promotions, etc online. You can reach hundreds of buyers.

Google “Virtual Book Tour” for many examples. Avoid sites that want you to pay

6 Create a Squidoo Lens About Your Book

After you create your blog, go to Squidoo and create a lens about your book. You can reuse the material from your blog, but mix it up a bit. Add an Amazon Plexo that links directly to your book on Amazon. Add an eBay Plexo that links directly to your book on eBay. Add your YouTube readings.

Make your content interesting enough – and browsers will become buyers.

7 Become an Expert – Post Articles to

Repurpose you blog posts by adding them to the store of articles on Rewrite them slightly, so the content is not identical. Always be sure to include information about your book — the title and where to buy it — somewhere in the article. Articles available through are freely distributed. Read a few to see what others are doing and then begin submitting your own.

The Final 5 Tips will be posted in Part 3

A Dozen Low Cost or No Cost Ways To Sell Your Book – Part 1

Many of us have taken advantage of POD technology to publish our own books. POD – or Print On Demand – shouldn’t be confused with vanity presses. Although POD publishers don’t have the power or resources of a major publishing house, they can be extremely profitable – especially when the publisher and the author are the same person.

But how can you let the world know that your work is waiting to be discovered?

1 Join Amazon Advantage

What are the requirements for joining Advantage?

  • You must have North American distribution rights for each title.
  • You must have an e-mail address and internet access.
  • You must have a scannable ISBN/EAN/UPC barcode on every item
  • You must comply with Membership Agreement and Rules and Instructions

How much does Advantage cost, and what are the terms?

There is an annual fee of $29.95 to be a member of Advantage. Your fee includes unlimited title enrollment, access to our Vendor Services team, and access to the Vendor web site to manage your account. The standard terms for Advantage vendors is 55% – you keep 45% of the List Price. That means that is entitled to 55% of the List Price for each unit that sells. You, the vendor, receive 45% of the List Price. You set the List Price, also known as Suggested Retail Price, of your products, and all payments made to you are calculated based on the List Price. If decides to further reduce the sales price to the customer below the List Price, the customer discount comes out of’s percentage. For example, if the List Price is $39.95, you will make $17.98 from each copy sold, even if the Customer Price or Our Price on is discounted from the List Price.

2 Sell Your Book on eBay

Learn about best practices for selling on eBay through Cindy Shebley’s classes and by joining OSI Rock Stars.

Also recommended — 5 Steps to Success by Cindy Shebley

3 Create a Blog About Your Book

Use a WordPress blog (free) to promote your book. This will be easy to set up, is keyword and search engine optimized, and can be updated without any knowledge of web sites or web site software.

This is Part 1 of a 3 part Series

Learn To Sell On eBay – Part 12 – Almost Complete: Review & List

If you are new to eBay, this series of short movies will help you open an account and start selling. One of the best ways to learn how to make money on the internet is to buy and sell on eBay.

You’ve gone through the Sell Your Item form line by line and made everything as perfect as you can. Now all that’s left is a final review and it is time to list your first item for sale on eBay.

Learn To Sell On eBay – Part 12

Learn to Make Beautiful Ebooks

This approximately 30 minute seminar will walk you through some of the simple techniques that you can use to lift your documents from ordinary to extraordinary.

You can use the hidden power of Microsoft Word to produce professional eBooks. There is no need to buy or learn expensive and complicated programs like InDesign.

Use the software you already own to open a new income stream for your business.

How to Print an Odd Sized PDF Correctly

When you print an 8″ x 10″ page in landscape orientation, the margins can become distorted. Rather than an eBook that fills the screen perfectly, one page at a time, you end up the text all squeezed to one side with a large amount of white space taking up the rest of the page.

This short video shows you the secret to getting perfect PDFs no matter what size paper you select.

Use Headers and Footers in Word to Create Great Looking eBooks

The Headers and Footers tool in Microsoft Word is the secret to creating professional looking books and ebooks.

This short video will show you how to use the Different Odd and Even Pages, Different First Page, and automatic Page Number options.

These tools will work on any multi-page document, but they are especially important for printed books and longer ebooks. Once you understand how Headers and Footers work, you can automate time consuming tasks and, at the same time, make sure that later edits don’t knock you page numbers out of sequence.

Selling Books On eBay

One thing that I found was that unless the books are rare, the hottest title, or they are collectible they don’t tend to sell for much. Especially if you sell them singularly. However, I’ve found that if I bundle them up – I can often get more for them. You see, in certain genre readers go through several books a week. That adds up if they buy them one at a time. To that end many readers have found eBay the perfect solution. They go and buy a bundle of books from their favorite author.

For example if you are a mystery reader you’ve probably enjoyed Sue Grafton. She does the alphabet books. Chances are good though you didn’t start with A is for Alibi. You may have come in on J or K and now what to get caught up. Off to eBay you go and there waiting for you is a lot of four or five Sue Grafton books all together – from one seller with one shipping price! That’s a readers heaven.

While you are out book picking look for titles that lend themselves to lots and bundle them up. It doesn’t necessarily have to just authors, again it can be genres or sub-genres that you may be able to bundle together.

If you bundle them into lots you’ll save yourself work, get a little more on average and make a reader happy. I found that the word “lot” in the eBay title helps too.

Want more book selling tips? I have just the book for you. A long time supporter and friend Henry Neff has just written and released a book on the topic. (I was the lucky to buy the first copy – and can hardly wait to get it). If you’d like a copy please check out HOW TO SELL BOOKS ON EBAY by Henry Neff Of course it’s for sale on eBay.

Henry is a great example of someone who took his knowledge of a subject and turned it into an information product. He went the book publishing route – which is only appropriate.

I wish Henry all the success we’ve found publishing our own information products.

Information Products Build Your Income Stream

Today’s tip is about using information to boost your business.

There are all types of information products including Ebooks, CD’s, DVD’s and audio recordings. They can be created by you, a ghostwriter or there are many book, recordings and even films that are free to use in the public domain.

These products are an inexpensive way to build your authority, add a value added item to your existing product or simply an extra income stream.

Here’s an eBay Seller who is right now earning extra profits by offering eBooks on CD. He’s sold over 900 copies of this one item at $2.99. Multiply that and you can see he’s made more $2,500.00 on that one CD alone. (and I know you could do a better job at keeping your customers happy).

As many of you know I’ve created a number of CD’s and my recent one Grow Your Business on Facebook is doing well. I’m selling several a week onĀ alone. I sent them to Amazon FBA – they take care of the shipping and customer service for me. Can’t beat that!

You can use Information Products to build your sales revenue. Here are a few ways:

  • Create an eBook about how to use the product you are selling. Offer it for free and encourage folks to pass it around. If you link back to your product page it’s a great promotion. Or, simply add it as a value added item if the buyer purchases from you.
  • Create an eBook about the collectible you are selling. Don’t feel like an authority? Use books that are in the public domain. Don’t think you’ll find any that will fit your subject? People have been collecting for years, I’m sure you’ll find a book or two on every subject. A quick search and I found several books on rugs from Tiffany Studios – I’m sure any rug collector would enjoy copies of these books.
  • Audio recordings can be put on CD’s and packaged for resale or value added. You can even create an MP3 format so the user can transfer it to their player. Using free recording software called Audacity you could record an interview with an expert in your field – or record your own musing.
  • And don’t forget – you are not alone when it comes to reading manuals! Most people hate them. You could record video of how to assemble or use the product you are selling. Press it onto a disk or send it up to a presser and have them do it. For less than a couple of bucks you can offer professional looking DVD’s that you can sell as stand alone products or as a value added item.