Glossary Of Terms For Setting Up A Website

Glossary of terms:

Domain name: this is the that people type in to find the site. You can register a domain name with — for less than ten dollars a year.

A few tips:

  • Look for .com domain names only — avoid the less expensive .info .biz and other domain name extensions. The search engines rank them lower and bury them in search. Not a good idea for your affiliate site.
  • Look for names that include the niche. Normally the easy ones are already taken, but with a little creativity you can find names that include the subject. Try things like,,, etc
  • When registering your domain name with a site like don’t let them up-sell you hosting packages. They are expensive and do not include C-Panel controls.

Web Host: Once you have a domain name, the next thing you need is a place to house your website content. A Web Hosting Company has servers (computers) that will store your website information and when someone types in your domain name will serve it up to them. Think of this step as renting an office space. The difference is that in the real world when you rent a space it comes with a fixed mailing address — but in the virtual world you must create an address first, then rent the storage unit and then send people to that space. The fun thing about the virtual world is that the storage space can be as elegant as Park Avenue or as run down as Skid Row — it all depends on your vision. Renting storage space or subscribing to a Web Hosting Company is not very expensive and if you purchase the right plan you can have as many websites as you wish, with as many domain names all for one price. We recommend Easy Web Hosting $6.95

C-Panel: Web Hosting companies use a number of different interfaces to communicate with users. Depending on the Web Hosting Company you have a number of features that are built into the service. C-Panel is a fairly common interface and has many built in tools that allow user to easily take advantage of some to the new web 2.0 features. If you are not sure what C-Panel is or if your Web Hosting service provides it — log into your webhost. If the Landing page says ‘C-Panel’ on the top of the page you’ve got it.