How To Make Your Amazon Listing Stand Out

While we can’t customize a listing page on Amazon like we can an eBay listing there is room for a little customization. If you are an Amazon Pro Merchant you can add products directly to the Catalog. That means as a third party seller you are not limited to only the items currently available on Amazon, you can add your own unique items as well. However many ProMerchants don’t realize that they can spruce up their Amazon Catalog description with HTML and make it stand out from the crowd. This is a quick tutorial on how to edit your current listing or add a little HTML to new listings.

Many elements on the Amazon catalog page are static and uniformity is required. You must provide Amazon with a product photo that has an all white background. There must be no watermarks. The thumbnail photo is the same size and in the same exact place on every catalog page. The buy now button is the same size and in same place on every listing.

Amazon also requires a bulleted list of features and benefits right under the photographs and just below the fold.

Then more advertising and product specifications. Then the description, tags, reviews come – which is our place to shine.

We can change our bland looking description (like the one below) into one that flows visually.


Let me show you how to edit your listing or if this is a new listing how to spruce it up with a few bolds, italics, breaks and lists.

To start go to your inventory page on Amazon (if you have already created the listing) if it is a new listing, click on the “add product” link in your seller dashboard).


1) go to your inventory page
2) click on edit listing

Then look for the ‘edit this product’ button to get started.


If you haven’t already created this listing you’ll want to add the photo, title, bulleted list, etc. The area we are focusing on in this tutorial is the description box.


There are a few restrictions here. The character limit in the description is 2000. That includes the tags, which means that your description will be pretty short – the tags can really eat up a lot of characters quickly.

To keep it simple I’m going to just show you the HTML tags – and tell you that Amazon will not allow bulleted lists or ul tags. It also rejects the underline tags.

But all is not lost, you still can create lists. Instead of a bulleted list – I used a numbered list: 1), 2), etc to create a similar effect.

If you are not familiar with HTML – simply create your ad copy in an editor designed for web pages and cut and paste the code into the description box. For this demo I created the listing in FrontPage – but PageBreeze (which is free) will work as well.


Just be sure to strip all the FrontPage or PageBreeze body & meta tags out before you copy and paste the description into the description box. For this example here is the code that I used for Amazon.

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instead of ordered lists or bullets a numbered list works:

1) one idea
2) the next idea
3) yet another
4) and another…

Here’s a view of the listing – notice how much easier it is to read than the normal description with lines of text all run together.


Once you have your product description spruced up – don’t stop there. You can continue to market and promote your Amazon listing by:

  • adding tags – spend a little time each day going over your keywords, keep adding new ones that your buyers might use to find your product
  • star your product that you ‘own it’
  • review – ask your friends to review your product and give it five stars
  • create a video for the product and add it as a review
  • buy a copy of your item and in the same session purchase another best selling item in the category (so your item will start showing up on that product page as others who purchase this product bought that product)
  • create listmainas! If you don’t know how, be sure to watch the listmania video tutorial