How To Win The Amazon Buy Box


Customers naturally choose the yellow “add to shopping cart” button on most sales. If Amazon doesn’t have the item in their inventory but third party sellers do, winning the all important ‘buy box’ placement is possible.

Here’s how chooses which vendor will be placed in the top spot:

    • Best price – lowest cost, including shipping
    • Best ship time – the seller who overs the quickest turn around time
    • Sellers with the most volume of sales on the site are more likely to be promoted

Seller with highest seller performance (fewer returns and A to Z claims)

Things that don’t necessarily affect the chances of you receiving placement in the Amazon buy box include the quantity on hand. As long as you have at least one in stock and you have outperformed the competition you will win the buy box.

If there is more than one seller and they both have prices within a penny of each other and all the other performance criteria is the same, will rotate sellers in and out of the buy box placement.