Increase Newsletter Open Rates By Crafting Your Opening Sentence Carefully


I was walking through the office yesterday when I heard a snippet from a Frank Kern video about email deliverability. It was kind of like déjà vu, ’cause I had just sent out my newsletter and posted a link on Facebook.

The part I heard — and want to highlight in this article, is about the first introductory lines of your email. What you say there profoundly affects open rates.

Many email clients including gmail and outlook express displays the first few lines of the email without opening the whole letter. The same is now true on Facebook, where if you link to your newsletter online Facebook will retrieve it and show the first few lines.

That makes the introductory sentences really important for capturing your reader’s interest enough to get them to open up the email.

This really hit home for me when I saw my facebook newsletter posting — the introduction and my tease copy don’t match very well, leading to confusion. I’m not sure I succeeded in getting viewer to click over to read the whole newsletter.

It’s just as important to craft the opening sentences as carefully as you craft the email subject line in terms of open rate. Think carefully about how it will be viewed. If possible give a very quick summary of what’s in it for the reader if they open up the email.