Joining The eBay Partner Network

One of the easiest and lowest risk ways to make money on the internet is affiliate programs. Using a link or widget on your website you recommend or direct those ready to purchase to a website or product. In exchange the seller gives you a monetary reward for sending them. The beauty of these programs is that you assume very little costs, so the money you make from the sale is almost pure 100% profit.

Although it is happening on the Internet, there’s really nothing new in this kind of arraignment. Manufactures, service companies, and all sorts of business have hired sales people who earn their livings on commissions gained from the sale.

The amazing thing about the internet is the potential income stream you can create. According to The Marketing Sherpa in 2006 there was over six billion dollars created in affiliate income.

One of the easiest ways to get started with is the eBay Partner Network or EPN. Rencently brought ‘in house’ by eBay the EPN is still growing strong. Currently there are over 50,000 others who are using the EPN.

Joining the eBay Partner Network is easy once you understand their policies. But one of the biggest obsticles to overcome is that in most cases you must have a website up and running to join. It’s kind of a catch 22 – you want to create a website with their links and widgets, but you can’t get them until you’ve already purchased a domain and published the website online.

Joining The eBay Partner Network

Naturally the first thing most people put on their ‘to do’ list when they start creating their eBay affiliate page is signing up for the eBay Partner Network (EPN).

The problem is, if you don’t have anything to show you’ll be rejected. A real live person reviews each application to the EPN. They want to see a website or blog and make a determination that your site will bring in qualified buyers and that you will comply with EPN policy. If you have nothing to show them they’re very likely to reject you.

Having a site up and running before they come by will assure acceptance if you follow the guidelines below.

    1. make sure your website of blog is up and running before applying to EPN
    2. no ‘under construction’ signs – in other words have published posts and no broken links
    3. have an about me page that talks about the website
    4. have a privacy policy page
    5. until you are accepted by EPN don’t fill your site up with ads and widgets from other publishers
    6. when you purchase your domain name, buy it for more than a year. Spammers are notorious for purchasing domains for only a year. You want to look like you’re going to be around for awhile choose a domain name with a .com extension (spammers then use .info domains)

Getting into the Partner Network isn’t hard. Just remember to publish your site for people to read. If you focus on the human element you’ll be accepted into the network and successful with your new website.