Payments by Amazon

Do you know that over 95% of customers leave ecommerce sites without purchasing and only 50% of customers who put items into shopping carts actually purchase?

That’s according to a Javelin survey.

You can better your odds of getting those shopping cart customers to convert by 14% if you offer three or more payment types (other than just three different credit card types).

These alternative payment types include: PayPal, Google Check-out, Bill Me Later and now Amazon Payments.

Recently added Amazon Payments and now see about 30% of their customers are the Amazon service.

Amazon has three payment structures to choose from:

  1. Amazon Simple Pay – good for digital products with no physical delivery and non-profits who are collecting donations
  2. Amazon Payments – for merchants who have physical products to ship
  3. Flexible Payment Services – merchants who need customized shopping cart integration via API

Amazon payments offer existing customers their ‘one-click’ payment service – which we all love!

And, they offer merchants no start-up charges. Payment processing is 2.9% of the total plus .30 per transaction. They also offer a lower value payment processing option for items under $10.00 – 5% of the total plus .05 cents per transaction.

Unlike selling directly through amazon’s catalog online, payment processing services have no category restrictions (except of course government restriction like tobacco and alcohol).

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