Ready To Start An Honest Online Business?

Congratulations! Many people are finding amazing success on the Internet. There are many opportunities available now and they will continue to expand for many years to come. We are in the early, pioneer days of online commerce. Just like those early homesteaders that settled the west, there is still plenty of room to roam.

Many pioneers pulled up roots and unsettled their families because they saw there was no place to grow if they stayed put. Just like the early settlers you may feel your job is going nowhere. Like many homesteaders who headed west for the chance to own their own land — you may hope to build a ranch with acres and acres for your prized heard to roam.

If you’re feeling like there’s no room to grow; think of Google, how it started out with its own little parcel and now it owns some of the most prime real estate on the web.

The problem is, you know you must head west to engage in these new opportunities — but really haven’t a clue what or how to take advantage of them. Well, just like those early settler days, they needed help from hundreds and hundreds of talented people. The internet is the same. Think about it; the west needed outfitters, Calvary to protect the innocent, trappers, scouts, cooks and explorers, to get started.

From Wild West To Early Pioneers

The Internet has seen the Lewis & Clarke expedition. The scouts have mapped out the trail west. AOL brought the first wave of explores to the wild frontier, and now phone and cable companies have laid the ‘railroad tracks’ for the migration. It’s time for the easterners to start the journey.

It’s easy to navigate the web and easier than ever to use a personal computer. So, the time is right for people with a little business savvy to start opening the general stores, offer services, and continue to build the infrastructure necessary for continued growth.

You are ready to start heading west — after all, you’ve heard “there’s gold in them there hills….” So, let’s talk about where to begin. The possibilities are limitless.

Step one — personal inventory

There really are many ways to earn a decent income on the internet. So many that it is hard to settle down and just pick one. You can sell your wares on a number of sites, or have your own web-store, you can offer a service on, if you like to write you can take up blogging. If you have a specialized interest or knowledge you might find a membership site a great way to earn income. It all depends on your financial expectations and interests.

Many people will insist that the first step in starting a business is creating a business plan — and I agree a business plan is important — but there is a step that goes even before that. It’s a personal inventory.

Sit down with a piece of paper or with a word document and type out all the things you’re interested in and know about.

This may take awhile, but try some free form thinking — what are your hobbies, what do you like to read, what do you do for a living, where do you like to go on vacation — are there patterns in your interests?

Do you like working with people? Or are you hoping to do business online to avoid ever having to face another human being again? These are important questions. If you don’t like people, a retail or service job might not be your best choice. On the other hand, if you enjoy people and are worried you might become isolated by sitting in front of a computer, a service, or customer centric job, like retailing might be perfect.

Do you enjoy bargain hunting and garage sales or have an interest in collectibles? eBay is a natural fit.

Do you prefer spending hours curled up with a good book? Perhaps writing a blog featuring reviews would be a natural fit.

Like to travel, see exotic places, and hate to be tied down? Write a travel blog, learn photography and shoot ‘stock photos’ for travel guides or open a travel accessory store. Amazon makes it easy to have a store up and running in no time. It will even provide the inventory if you have gaps.

Are you an artist who loves to create drawings or play with photographs? You can design graphics for the growing web design industry. Or, if you like design and want to learn a little coding, your web design services should see a thriving business for years to come.

Are you an inventor? Love to create products, or never run out of ideas? If you can create them yourself, and if they answer a need — the internet is a great place to showcase it. If you have more ideas than the talent to make them, hire a partner to work with you — there’s lots of infrastructure to be created on the web.

Really, there are many, many ways to build wealth on the net. And, yes in these early days, there is still lots of room for the regular person to become the next Internet superstar. If that’s what you want. It really is up to you.

Your first step is to look inside yourself and ask — what do you know and what can you offer to others. The one thing we know about the net is that people use it when they are seeking solutions to their problems and answers to their questions.

Once you have a few ideas down on paper, it’s time to start mapping out your journey west….and start clearing the land and building the homestead. On the net, it’s called choosing and creating a niche.

To be continued……