Ready To Start Selling Media On Amazon – But Don’t Know Which Books to Buy?


NB: Since this article was first published, the book scouting market, book scouting software, and Amazon have all changed substantially.

When I first started selling used books, DVDs and video tapes online in the late 1990’s it was a guessing game. I knew there was a huge market online for the right books, but it was mostly trial and error.

There were bestselling and most wanted lists on, and others. I spent every extra second scouring them before heading out to the sales – but I was competing against seasoned book pickers.

I wish these tools had been available then! Now, with the help of a PDA or cell phone you can get all the information you need in less than a second.

Here is a short list for vendors – who provide these services:

Of course they are all subscription based, but well worth it – if you are not a seasoned book picker.

A subscription to one of these services can save you time and many trips back to the donation site (to return those lemons).