Save Customers Time, Make More Money!

A new survey* revealed that the average amount of leisure time Americans had fell 20% in 2008. Workers report their leisure time per week is now 16 hours – down from 2007 when the average was 20 hours. Our leisure time, instead of expanding with new technology seems to be eroding. The 2008 number is ten hours less than we had in 1973, at 26 hours.

What has this have to do with selling your products? Everything! If you can figure out ways to make it faster and easier to purchase from you, your customers will return. Think of simple ‘one-click checkout’ feature. I love it. The few seconds it saves me from looking for my charge card, typing in the numbers and retyping if I missed typed can be used getting on to other tasks at hand.

What are some simple, even low tech, time saving techniques you can employ? Here are a few – please share your tips in the comments.

  • If you sell on your own website offer Amazon, Google and PayPal checkout features. Chances are buyers have a preferred method set-up
  • Don’t pester them for feedback – they had time enough to pay, that’s all they may have to spare
  • Send customers email follow-ups with tracking and delivery confirmation numbers
  • Have a Skype account (or 800 number) so customers can call instead of typing an email (many still consider it faster).
  • Be sure and answer email questions as quickly as possible and have a FAQ page easily accessible for those questions you receive over and over.
  • Send newsletters when you receive new products, that way customers know they don’t have to spend time combing your listings.
  • If your margins afford it, ship priority mail for quick delivery

*Marketing Charts – Leasure Time Plummets