Setting SMART Goals For Your Business

Why do you want to set goals? I know many of you have spent a great deal of time creating a business plan and must be asking yourself that question.

Here’s why:

Goals give you clarity, focus and motivation — if you create powerful and moving goals you can take your business to the next level one simple step at a time.

Once you start setting goals you can identify techniques and strategies you can use to consistently keep yourself motivated and moving forward.

Another benefit to goal setting is growth. You can see the future of your business with greater focus. For example you’ll be able to see whether the time spent transitioning your inventory to another site — maybe Bonanazle or Amazon will fit in with your overall business model.

To start the goal setting process identify past successes and achievements to boost your confidence.

Then identify your current circumstances. Where does your business stand today? Identify your business purpose or niche — then start creating an action plan. That’s what we’re here to talk about today. That action plan. It’s called The Smart Goal

SMART goals are


Find out how the system works and listen to the 20 minute podcast here:

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