Should You Outsource?

A smart business person realizes that they can’t run their business alone. It doesn’t matter whether it’s Internet or Bricks and Mortar, everyone needs help!

You may have heard from the Internet gurus that you must outsource tasks to free up your time. To be honest with you, I haven’t heard it really works. Especially if you idea is to hire someone at a low hourly wage. When I was a manager with a staff of employees, I found very few employees you could just turn over a project to. I learned quickly that minimum wage workers need constant supervision and motivation.

After my experience with employees, I’ve decided hiring is not the best solution. I don’t care what the gurus tell you about outsourcing to India and working four hour work weeks — I don’t believe it. Once you hire, you must be willing to supervise and train, something that takes as much time as doing it yourself.

That doesn’t mean that you must always go it alone when you are ready to expand your business, on take on a new venture. One thing to consider is finding a partner who can share responsibility.

Finding people who compliment your talents and bring them in on your projects motivates everyone. It makes sense if you think about it. Instead of hiring C grade employees look for A grade people and offer them a piece of the action. While you may give up a little control over the project, the reward is a partner who is more invested in the success of the project and will help you build equity.

You’re never going to find the A type people willing to work for you — but you may be able to win them over by inviting them in on your project.

Finding that perfect partner takes time, an open heart and mind and a little luck, just like finding the perfect life partner.