Squidoo – It may not make you rich overnight, but if you like to write Squidoo pays royalties for your work.

Squidoo is a unique place where you can combine your blog writing talents with a ‘plexo’ and make a little extra income.

To start create an account. It’s a simple process. They just need to know who you are and how they can contact you, and of course, how to pay you.

Once you’ve created an account the next task is to create a ‘Lens’ something similar to a blog with a few new bells and whistles that helps you direct traffic to your eBay or Amazon store or to just earn click revenue. The nice thing about Squidoo is that you get paid when someone clicks or buys through the links on your Lens and monthly royalties for writing the content.

The next step after creating the lens workshop is to find the right keywords and write the content. The content should be informative, but doesn’t have to be a novel. Keep your writing concise and to the point. If you know something about fishing lures you could write about the best one to use for stream fishing and then start a new lens about the best lures to use while sea fishing.

In fact you could create a lens for each lure and its best application. If you sold the lures you could link to the store page on eBay. If someone clicked the link from Squidoo you would receive click revenue from Squidoo when they purchased. Plus on the same purchase you would receive 75% referral credit on your final value from eBay. How sweet is that?

If you have good keywords and a topic of interest your lens will soon show up top ranked on the search engines.

To make a serious income using Squidoo you’ll need a popular topic and a little elbow grease. You’ll need to create several lens to start noticing your revenue building. So plan on creating many. I’ve heard of some lensmasters who have created hundreds of lens. Megan, the head Squid who runs the site said in a recent interview that there are lensmasters who are paying the rent with revenue from their lens.

If you’d like more information about setting up a Squidoo Lens, please feel free to download and read How To Squidoo. It’s a free eBook I wrote a few months ago.

More information: www.squidoo.com