The Amazon Detail Page

Amazon just released a new video about the Amazon Detail page. It’s filled with tips on how to create a listing if you have a Pro Merchant account.

(you may need to log into your Amazon Account to view the video)

The highlights of the video include information about:

Specifications about the title. Whenever possible use exactly what the manufacture calls the item to prevent confusion and make it easy to find.

Use the unique identifiers that the manufacture provides. Use either the UPC, EAN or ISBN number to make sure you are listing in the correct detail page. Even if your item is slightly different (ie: box color or item color) if you use manufacture provided numbers you’ll match it to the correct listing.

An ASIN number is the Amazon assigned number to identify the product in the Amazon Catalog. The acronym stands for Amazon Standard Identification Number. This number is also part of the item’s URL.

When uploading a picture, use only white backgrounds and make sure they are at least 500 pixels on the largest end.

When creating the bulleted list include information such as size, material and any accessories that may come with the product.

If you see an error on the page notify Amazon by using the feedback form on the lower part of the listing page. An Amazon employee will review the page and update it if required. If there is a URL that backs up your correction be sure to include it when you contact them. Product pages can NOT be deleted by users. If you see a page that should be removed, contact Amazon through the feedback area on the page.

Finally more tips on how to win the Amazon Buy Box

While this may change, here is the latest information about winning the buy box. Amazon bases the results on the seller criteria below:

  • Price (lowest price including shipping)
  • Item Availability (how many of the SKU you have in stock AND how fast you ship)
  • Customer Feedback (number of refunds and A to Z claims)
  • Sales Volume

You may not meet the criteria, even if you are the only seller of the item. In that case no items show in the buy box, but they are still listed on the “all seller listings” page.