The Coming Evolution in Affiliate Marketing: A Focus on Quality

I just read the article The Coming Evolution in Affiliate Marketing: A Focus on Quality and found it very informative. Written by some of the senior managers in the eBay Partner Network team it clearly shows the new direction and thought behind the changes in the eBay Affiliate program.

While some members are experiencing difficulty being approved by the eBay Partner Network (EPN) I think this new direction will improve the program overall. Anyone who has done a search on the web has come across those link farm sites, with little content and lots of banner and pop-up ads. They’re frustrating to the searcher, and as the EPN is starting to see, not bringing in quality traffic. Quality traffic to eBay is someone who clicks through, stays on the site and makes a purchase.

The bottom line here is how much we make for eBay when we affiliates drive traffic to the site. Once the visitor lands on eBay will they register and purchase? If so, will they return again? Traditionally, the larger affiliate sites who sent massive volumes of traffic to the site received bonuses and rewards (just like a salesperson in the real world receives bonuses for bringing in large clients). But did those massive amounts of clicks to eBay pay off by sending buyers to the site? This paper seems to indicate that eBay is rethinking that strategy and focusing their monetary incentives on smaller, more focused sites that are much more likely to send highly qualified traffic (or purchasers) to eBay.

What does that mean for us? Well, the silver lining here is that using a system like How To Make Money Using The eBay Partner Network you can create a customized site around your niche. I teach you how to set up and add quality content that focuses specifically on what your visitor is looking for. Once the searcher spends a little time on your site and you have built a rapport with them you can gently recommend a product or service found on eBay. These customers are much more likely to click over and purchase from eBay. And, as a result, the EPN is much more likely to reward your efforts.

In the future perhaps, we’ll even see a more fair division of the affiliate share in the form of a ‘performace bonus.’

OK – I’m just dreaming there, but this article seems to be indicating there might be some thoughts along that line.

For example: In one move last year eBay changed it payout commission to match the value and pay more for high-quality leads by changing the payouts for Active New Registered Users who came in through affiliate click-through. In the four months since the new pricing launched the number of new users referred by the affiliates qualifying to the upper tiers of payout increased by 80%. Which sure seems to indicate that the affiliates who paid attention to building their site put a little effort finding in out ways to engage their audience by offering quality content instead of a bunch of banner ads had a higher payout rate.

This article is a very informative look at inside the eBay Partner Network. I think it highlights their current thoughts on direction of the program as well as answer a few questions about why they took this program ‘in house’ last year. If you’re interested in affiliate marketing I suggest you read it. You can download a copy here.

For more information on how to create an affiliate website, including tips on how to get accepted to the partner network check out How To Make Money Using The eBay Partner Network.