The New Amazon 1099-K Tax Form

This year, online sellers who have gross sales over $20,000.00 and a total of more than 200 sales will receive a Form 1099-K from both PayPal and Amazon. Amazon has reported this income to the IRS, and you’ll need to account for it on your federal income tax return.

Note — you must fulfill both conditions to receive the 1099 — not just one or the other.

PayPal sent its 1099’s through the mail. As long as you meet the criteria and have supplied PayPal with your federal tax ID or Social Security number and an address, there is nothing more you need to do.

Amazon, by contrast, has made the 1099’s available as an online PDF, which you need to download and print. You should have received an email from Amazon telling you that your 1099 was available and explaining how to retrieve it. However, many sellers find that even official email from PayPal, eBay, and Amazon gets tagged as spam. It is automatically deleted without the seller even seeing it.

If you believe you should receive an Amazon 1099 but you still haven’t heard anything – here is how to get your 1099-K

First, sign in to your Sellers Central account  at

Then click on the Reports tab at the top of the screen.



From the drop down menu, select the new Tax Documents Library option


If you met the criteria for receiving a 1099-K, you should see a screen like this:



Make a note of the password Amazon supplies at the top of the page. You will need it to open the PDF after you download it. Click on the Download PDF link.

When you click the download link, depending on your browser settings, you will be given the option to either Save or Open the PDF file. Save it. You will want to print a hard copy for your files and you’ll probably want to save the PDF with the rest of your tax information. If you have an accountant do your taxes, the accountant will certainly  want a copy of the 1099-K.



You’ll have to enter the Amazon supplied password before you can open the file. Just copy and paste it into the password field.


Finally, you’ll be able to see your 1099-K. It be similar to this, will all the information filled in by Amazon.