The New WSC

The Websellers’ Circle (WSC) started in 2007-2008 as a membership site. As WSC evolved, we eliminated the payment component (i.e., we made it free for all interested users), but – because of the requirements of our web hosting company – we had to require new users to create a user account.

In 2015, we began moving all articles and videos to a new web host.

We no longer require any sort of sign up.

In fact, to make the content more freely available and mobile friendly, we have added all the video tutorials to YouTube. You can now watch any video on your iPhone or iPad or Android smartphone or tablet. No restrictions on sharing or embedding – and no conversions necessary. Just go to

We are also sharing all content on our Facebook page.

We have disabled comments on YouTube and here on the new WSC to avoid SPAM. If you’d like to comment or ask questions – please do so on Facebook. All we ask is that you keep the discussion civil. Thanks

If you dislike RSS feeds, or frequently checking web sites for updates – please follow us on YouTube or Facebook instead.

One oddity of using WordPress is that all older articles have a posting date of some time in March, 2015. By and large, all articles dated on or before March 2015 are really several years old. Some of the information may be outdated, though we hope all articles will contain at least a nugget of useful information.

Thanks for visiting The Web Sellers’ Circle