Words In The Domain Names Are Important To Readers

A recent survey done by memorabledomains.co.uk shows the importance of putting a word pertaining to the product your site is about in the domain name.

Referred to a generic domain names in the survey – they found higher click through rates – or better pay per click ad performance when the web address includes even a generic mention of the product or service provided. A domain name like TaxPreparation.com or Carnavigation.com attracts more clicks than a less intuitive or lesser branded company name.

They tested three names and found these interesting results:

ElectricBicycles.co.uk (generic domain name with an exact product match) YourBikes.co.uk (an alternative generic domain name) InAHurry.co.uk (a non-generic name)

The generic domain name with an exact match had a 15% higher click-through rate than the generic and a 42% higher click through rate than the non-generic domain.

They concluded that: Reasons for Generic Success

Memorable Domains attributes the strong performance of generic domain names to several factors:

Because a generic domain name describes a product or service using the words people automatically associate with the topic, it encourages them to click more.
The presence of search terms in the domain name leads to higher organic rankings or a better ad quality score in pay-per-click ad ranking algorithms.
Search engines commonly automatically bold any word in the domain name that matches the search term, drawing attention to the listing.
There is a potential positive impact of the domain name on ad quality score.
So, my conclusion to reading this is that while a keyword included in the domain name may not be as important as thought when it comes to SEO – it absolutely plays an important role when it comes to the human factor. Don’t forget the end goal of all naming and branding is to get a person to click and the best way still, is to tell them what’s in it for them. A name like ElecticBicycles.co.uk tells the viewer quickly it’s a site about electric bikes.