Your Blog Is Your Internet Resume


I read this interesting blog post by Brian Clark from – called The Income Outlook for 2009

It’s a great read about how, when and why to monetize your blog.

Reading the article as well as a few comments I’ve received lately, jelled an idea I’ve had about blogging floating around in my head.

Everyone knows, or at least has heard that it is important to have a blog. Besides building relationships with your customers, there is a possibility that you might make a few bucks.

However, if you are a service company do you really want flashing banners distracting your potential customers? Is it worth the chance of making a few cents on a click and losing the client? Probably, no… unless you already have more clients than you know what to do with. (Not likely, is it?).

Leaving your blog open to comments, creates a dialog and helps build community. That’s great if you have a top 10 blog, but for the rest of us, that may be a great by-product, but shouldn’t be the reason to start a blog. Unless you are really great at networking you’ll feel let down by the lack of response.

Of course, writing is hard for most people, so the very nature of a blog is a little off-putting. But, as we continue to progress along the internet age and web 2.0 morphs into web 3.0 blogging is becoming more and more important for businesses, large and small.

I’ve been struck recently by the response to one of my recent blogs. It’s not very old — a relative new kid on the block. However, as I network and people start check me out, guess what? The first place they come is to the blog. And, unlike my website(s) that I’ve had up for years, people compliment the blog –and it has opened up the door to several new professional relationships. One potential client even called it a “property.” LOL — I love that term, makes me feel pretty darn important. Hope I don’t get too big for me britches.

My point is if you haven’t started a blog, here’s another reason. Consider it your internet résumé — no matter what your purpose for being online, a blog will get you noticed. Just a like a résumé put your best foot forward.

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